My Story

In life, everyone has a purpose and for the Pop/R&B singer, songwriter and producer Jalil Lopez, music is certainly his!

Born and raised in Newark, NJ, Jalil lived a normal childhood and partook in activities that an ordinary child would. Going to school, hanging out with friends and going to parties was the average everyday occurrence for Jalil. The singer/songwriter never envisioned his life being the way it is now. After the death of his mother, he came to the realization that music was, without question, his calling. Jalil experienced losing the closest person to him and did not falter, to the contrary, he found solace and began going to church. It was then and there that he truly fell in love with the music, especially one song in particular. "I could not get that song out of my head for months" Jalil stated, "I would sing it all the time and as time passed, people heard me singing it and I began to get compliments about having a nice voice and that's when I began to sing for my church". While in the process of grieving from the disconcerting news about his mother's death, Jalil began to express his emotions through writing

Jalil's very first song he had ever written was based on a dream he had and spoke about what he experienced with his mother in that dream and good times that he wishes could be relived all over again. As time passed, things became more difficult for the sixteen year old, he continued to experience various struggles in life. His father became very sick and was constantly being hospitalized. Jalil and his three siblings were basically on their own, taking care of themselves and caring for their father. Jalil being the youngest of his household had to take care of himself and continue pursuing an education in order to create better opportunities for his future. Through these challenges, Jalil stayed composed and whenever he was feeling down, he would seek God, utilizing music as a way to free his mind from whatever turmoil that he was faced with. Soon after Jalil's nineteenth birthday, he relocated to Miami. It was in that instant that Jalil Lopez made a commitment to follow his dreams and let God lead the way. He soon discovered a new home and was no longer a local act, but rather a global sensation impacting fans around the world.

Jalil communicates with his fans through Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. He keeps his fans updated on the latest and greatest in the world of Jalil Lopez, from new ideas, songs and even events, communicating directly to his fan base is important. After recently losing his father, Jalil continues to cope with the loss of his parents through his music and will always use his childhood struggles as encouragement to succeed in life!

Jalil has an amazing ability to deliver songs with impact, filled with passion and emotion, which allow him to shine above the rest. From beautiful Bachata records such as, "Princessa Mia" and "Tu Primer Amor" to Urban records, titled "The Abortion" and "America's Most Wanted" featuring Rick Ross and DJ Khaled, Jalil Lopez has everything it takes and then some, to continue building his legacy…